Referring to the peer review process for student websites, please state three changes you would recommend for your peer’s website and justify reasons for those changes.

One change that would be beneficial for Krystal would be to name the blog with a title as it currently has the template title. Another change that may add value to the blog would be to add pages that tell a little about Krystal and her work as a graduate student. Lastly, it would be beneficial to elaborate on purpose of the blog.
Citing the text for specific supportive evidence, name one positive aspect and one negative aspect that influenced your adolescent development.

One positive aspect that influenced my adolescent development would be my parents’ and ohter influential adults’ involvement in my life during this time. They were supportive and showed acceptance. By praising my strengths and showing concern for my needs they aided in building self esteem and social adjustment (Broderick, 378). One negative aspect that influenced my adolescent years would be the media and consumer culture. The media often introduces violent, sexual, and commercial messages that are inappropriate for young adolescents. Also, the amount of time spent on media devices could be used for other uses and spending quality time with family and friends (386).


One thing that I will do the rest of the semester in order to contribute to my personal learning experience will be to schedule specific times to complete my reading for the next class period. In scheduling specific times and treating it as an appointment, I believe that I will be more successful in reading all of the material. One thing that I will do to contribute to the collaborative learning experience will be to be more mindful of my classmates and sharing with them things that I have found helpful in my learning and studying in order to gain shared success.


There are numerous messages within our culture concerning what it means to be masculine or feminine. Some of these messages can be restrictive and can have negative affects on individuals. One example would be the message that boys should not cry. This can be harmful causing a male not to share his emotions. Another restrictive example would be the statement, “you throw like a girl” which suggests that girls are weak or unable to throw properly. There are some messages that suggest inclusivity.
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