Regarding the Mindfulness Practice homework assignment, please reflect on that process and share its impact: positive, negative, or neutral. How could you use this in your own life or how could it benefit your clients?

Taking time to be present and mindful was really helpful in clearing my mind and great way to self care. Through this practice, it helps reduce stress and be more in tune with with your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual needs. There tends to be a lot of distractions, busyness, and media around us all the time so taking the time to escape can be beneficial.

As we discussed in class closure last week, please state 2 things that you are taking away from this course in Human Behavior and the Social Environment.

One thing that I am taking away from this course is remembering to always consider the person in environment approach. Through using an ecological perspective when engaging clients, the provider can help identify the stressors that are in the individual’s life in order to then draw on the client’s strengths to find solutions. Second, I learned the importance of having an understanding of development throughout the lifespan when engaging and assessing clients and being aware of how their development and the environment interact.

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